Reel East - Everything Kung Fu Cinema, Best of East and West and all points in-between

Reel East offers you a chance to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Chinese martial arts culture. Our mission is to share our passion for traditional kung fu in all its manifestations. We use the most up-to-date technology to bring you every aspect of this most ancient of arts.

Reel East Press details the history and techniques of different kung fu styles in our physical publications and e-book series. We describe the development of Chinese martial arts cinema, with on-line publications covering the life and works of such icons as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Donnie Yen, Lau Kar-leung and many more. Our site provides downloadable feature-length commentaries by Asian action film expert Bey Logan. These efforts are just the start of our ongoing strategy to bring the treasures of Chinese martial culture to the world.

The Reel East team shares unique experience of traditional martial arts practice, film-making and research into both the real and reel applications of kung fu. We make every effort to bring the best of the east to the west, and all points in-between.


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Peter Berg No avatar Director
" Bey Logan has forgotten more about Hong Kong cinema than most of us ever knew. "
Alex Richter No avatar Kung Fu Sifu
" Reel East is like the Smithsonian of kung fu. "
Donnie Yen No avatar Action Moviestar
" Kung fu cinema deserves to be celebrated as one of the most vibrant art forms of the modern age. "