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    Bruce Lee and I and 36 Chambers of Kung Fu Cinema (Vol 1) Late Night Double Bill Print Editions Offer!

    A special bargain package of an in-depth examination of the work of the great Bruce Lee AND a detailed overview of 18 of the greatest movies of kung fu cinema.

    Author Bey Logan is a screenwriter, producer and kung fu expert. He wrote the book ‘Hong Kong Action Cinema’, scripted Jackie Chan’s ‘The Medallion’, produced ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon : Sword of Destiny’  and currently runs the Kwai Chung Martial Club in Hong Kong. A long-time Hong Kong cinema historian, he has spoken on the subject on the BBC and CNN, and at the Smithsonian.

    1000+ pages of kung fu-rious fun!

    This special Double Bill edition comes with a surprise gift of genuine memorabilia from some classic kung fu films


  • Sale!

    A special collection in memory of one of the greatest stars of 1970s kung fu cinema!

    Reel East offers our amazing Jimmy Wang Yu Collection, all at one incredibly low price!

    This incredible package consists of:

    ‘A Man Called Tiger’ Lobbycard set : 12 cards printed by Golden Harvest to promote the release of the film Wang Yu inherited from Bruce Lee!

    ‘The Man from Hong Kong’ Lobbycard set: 12 cards printed by Golden Harvest to promote the release of Jimmy’s only international film!

    ”A Man Called Tiger’ theatrical flyer: Printed to promote the film’s release in Hong Kong cinemas.

    ‘A Queen’s Ransom’ Chinese theatrical flyer: Printed to promote the release of this star packed Golden Harvest thriller.

    ‘A Queen’s Ransom’ international sales flyer: Printed to promote the worldwide release of this Wang Yu, Angela Mao, George Lazenby classic.

    ‘The Invincible Sword’ sales flyer : An international sales flyer created to promote this Wang Yu wu xia epic.

    ‘Best of Martial Arts’ folder : A colour photo folder printed to promote the release of Golden Harvest’s kung fu documentary.

    Surprise Wang Yu related memorabilia gifts included with each order!

    Don’t miss this chance to celebrate the life and legend of the bash ’em up king!