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A Wily Match Chinese Lobbycards

Title: A Wily Match

Star: Jimmy Lee/Lung Kong, Cheng Fu-kung
Director: Chiu Lo-kong
Description: This is a set of lobbycards printed to promote the Chinese theatrical release of the film.
Publishing year of product: 1980

Condition : Mint (never displayed)

Size: 11″ x 14″


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About This Book

When Lo Wei’s former protege, Jackie Chan, became a superstar in the kung fu comedy genre, Lo engaged Chan’s former assistant director, Chiu Lo-kong, to direct a film in the same field. It starred Lo Wei’s Taiwanese singing Jimmy Lee, AKA Lung Fong. Lee would later enjoy his greatest success in middle age, playing villain roles in Hong Kong gangster movies. ‘A Wily Match’ sees him presented as a Jackie Chan style kung fu comedy character, working alongside the same actors and on the same Taiwanese sets and locations where Jackie had made his films for Lo Wei.

Jimmy didn’t come close to matching the success of Jackie, but, in the wake of the kung fu comedy boom, the movie got a wide release under the title ‘Four Hands of Death’.

Reel East is happy to share this rare lobbycard set from the film.