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Armour of God Chinese Photo Poster Version Two

Title: Armour of God
Star: Jackie Chan
Director: Jackie Chan
Description: This is a photo poster printed to promote the theatrical release of this Jackie Chan actioner.

Publishing year of product: 1987
Condition : Mint (never displayed)

Size: 20X30


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About This Book

The greatest Asian action ace of the modern era is Jackie Chan. After Jackie Chan gained superstardom with his films ‘Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow’ and ‘Drunken Master’, he signed with Golden Harvest, the house that Bruce Lee built. Once there, Chan moved on to explore different genres of action cinema. He made cop movies, pirate movies, action comedies in foreign locales, a comic book inspired slapstick actioner and two movies about a Chinese Indiana Jones character.

Jackie’s Asian Hawk character made his debut in the film ‘Armour of God’. The movie cast Chan as solder-of-fortune who travels the world searching for lost artefacts. An old comrade, Alan (Alan Tam), meets up with Jackie in France, and they embark on a mad mission to locate the eponymous ‘Armour of God’.

Like the Bond films, ‘Armour of God’ has a pre-credit sequence, before the main plot kicks off, leading to a breakneck sequence of car chases, stunts and the expected rapid fire martial arts fights.

As part of our Jackie Chan Collection, Reel East are proud to present this theatrical poster, printed by Golden Harvest to promote the Hong Kong release of ‘Armour of God ‘: