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ISBN: 978-9887924203 and 978-9887924227

Bruce Lee and I and 36 Chambers of Kung Fu Cinema (Vol 1) Late Night Double Bill Print Editions Offer

by: Bey Logan

Bruce Lee and I and 36 Chambers of Kung Fu Cinema (Vol 1) Late Night Double Bill Print Editions Offer!

A special bargain package of an in-depth examination of the work of the great Bruce Lee AND a detailed overview of 18 of the greatest movies of kung fu cinema.

Author Bey Logan is a screenwriter, producer and kung fu expert. He wrote the book ‘Hong Kong Action Cinema’, scripted Jackie Chan’s ‘The Medallion’, produced ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon : Sword of Destiny’  and currently runs the Kwai Chung Martial Club in Hong Kong. A long-time Hong Kong cinema historian, he has spoken on the subject on the BBC and CNN, and at the Smithsonian.

1000+ pages of kung fu-rious fun!

This special Double Bill edition comes with a surprise gift of genuine memorabilia from some classic kung fu films



Meet the Author
Bey Logan is one of the world’s most highly regarded experts on Asian action cinema. He was previously the author of the ground-breaking ‘Hong Kong Action Cinema’, an introduction to the genre. He subsequently spent more than 20 years working in the Hong Kong movie industry as a writer, producer and film historian. His productions include such hits as ‘The Twins Effect’, ‘Dragon Squad’ and ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny’ starring such idols as Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Michelle Yeoh and Donnie Yen. Logan has also curated several home entertainment labels focusing on Asian action films and has recorded more full-length feature film commentaries than anyone else. As a further string to his bow, Bey is an expert in Hung Gar kung fu, and runs a martial arts school in Hong Kong.
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About This Book

Long-time fans of kung fu cinema will remember the joys of the late night double bills that played in London and New York and all points between.

Now Reel East are proud to give that cultural milestone a literary spin, offering both the smash hit genre savvy books from author Bey Logan: ‘Bruce Lee and I’ and ’36 Chambers of Kung Fu Cinema (Volume One)’.

Available together for the first time, with well over 1000 pages of in-depth insight on the classic era of martial arts cinema.

The books ship with a FREE surprise package of genuine kung fu cinema memorabilia!





ISBN: 978-9887924203 and 978-9887924227
SKU: B-BL-801-Special-1
Publisher: Reel East Press
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: Est 1300