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Game of Death 2 – English Poster

Title: Game of Death 2
Star: Tang Lung, Bruce Lee
Director: Ng See-yuen
Description: This English language theatrical movie poster was printed by Hong Kong’s legendary Golden Harvest studios. It was issued to promote the theatrical re-release and worldwide distribution of Bruce Lee’s final film.
Publishing year of product: 1981
Condition : Mint (never displayed)


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About This Book

After the success of the posthumously released Bruce Lee film ‘Game of Death’, Golden Harvest produced a sequel, ‘Game of Death 2’. The film starred Korean martial arts actor Kim Tai-chung as Lee’s brother, who has to avenge his sibling’s death. ‘Game of Death 2’ was shot in location in Japan and Korea, and features ‘Drunken Master’ villain Wong Jang Lee. This wild and wonderful tribute to The Little Dragon has attracted a worldwide following.  Reel East is proud to be able to offer the memorabilia created by Golden Harvest to promote ‘Game of Death 2’ internationally.